About 20 years back, Blockchain technology did not evoke conversations, let alone bring ideas of being professionals. However, its fast growth in the recent past has seen the sector create numerous job opportunities. Most of these jobs require skill and technique to be able to navigate the new emergent technology.
Some of the job opportunities provided by the blockchain include; 

Blockchain Engineers and Quality Engineers

Blockchain Engineers ensure that the automation constituting the frameworks of the technology are met. Such engineers play a key role in ensuring that the operations within the Blockchain go on smoothly.

Quality engineers, on the other hand, ensure that the quality of the chain being developed is up to the standards required. Keenness is paramount as an engineer since mistakes especially in payment may cost the Blockchain.

BlockChain Project Managers

Project managers mostly stand in the gap to connect the Blockchain Projects to solution finders to the problems that face the technology. These managers, mostly similar to traditional project managers, have to deeply understand the technical bit of the Blockchain technology to find the projects that require solutions.

BlockChain UX Designers

The UX designers are tasked with the making of alluring interfaces that lure the users into using the various currencies. These people must have an added advantage of being artistic, and paying attention to detail, to capture the trust of the ultimate user. They must also be ready to put in the work since it requires a lot of time behind computers.

Blockchain Legal Consultant

This is the professional who acts as a bridge between the companies and the BlockChain technology. They are directly responsible to inform and advise the rising number of companies and institutions ready to invest in this area. As a requirement, they should be well versed in the International blockchain law, and be able to communicate well and convincing.

Blockchain Developer

So far, this is seen as the most formidable career in Blockchain. This often includes individuals with a high skill in C++, Python and JavaScript languages and able to develop apps and programs that are in line with Blockchain technology. They often are open to realizing the full benefits that the blockchain technology has. 

These, however, do not present the only professions that can benefit from Blockchain technology. Other professionals whose services are required include;


-Teachers and trainers 


-Cryptocurrency journalists

-Crypto brokers

-Analysts and ICO advisors.

These careers keep on emerging and constant checking out is key to keep up with the trends and help in deciding what is good for you.

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