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Read a detailed guide about Litecoin and its role in gambling and casino industry with the latest online LTC bonuses for new players.

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Introduction to Litecoin

Currently, there are several internationally recognized cryptocurrencies in circulation. Litecoin is one of the many altcoins in the market and just like any other cryptocurrency, its functions are majorly online. Currently, it’s one of the top 10 most important cryptocurrencies.
According to their website, Litecoin is a peer to peer internet currency that allows low costs, instant payments to anyone anywhere in the world. It is also based on Blockchain technology and the main reason for its creation was for it to complement BTC.
It is created through an elaborate procedure called mining.

Litecoin comparison against Bitcoin

Litecoin is a branch of BTC, its predecessors, and its Blockchain is similar to that of bitcoin in several ways. Litecoin was welcomed warmly mainly by the cryptocurrency community mainly because its founder/ creator Charlie was a former employee at Google. Despite the technical similarity, below are some differences btw Litecoin and Bitcoin.

-Litecoin transactions are faster than bitcoin transactions

-The maximum number of bitcoins that will over exist is 21 million while the limit of Litecoin is 21 million.

-Litecoin is more adaptive to changes as compared to BTC which is why it was first to implement the SegWit and has recently implemented the lighting network.

-Litecoin is less prone to double waste as compared to Litecoin.

-Its mining process is straight forward and friendlier compared to BTC. 

Pros and cons of Litecoin


-It is an open-source project that users can suggest the implementation of relevant improvements.

-Very wide range of games to choose from.

-You can either use a desktop or a mobile device.

-You can choose between virtual games or live dealers.

-It has a very high transaction speed of 2.5 minutes.

-Low transaction costs.

-It has a straight forward mining process.

-It is reliable and trustworthy since created by a former Google employee.

-It has a large supportive community.

-All hardware is compatible with Litecoin.

-The Chinese people are fond of it.

-Great developers and founders.


-Less regulation compared traditional.

-Some games have higher house edges which translate to terrible odds.

-High competition from BTC.

-Highly dependent on BTC Blockchain.

-Most people believe it’s the same as BTC thus hurting its image

How to get Litecoin?

The following are some of the best exchanges for Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies;







How to store Litecoin?

Some of the best wallet options for the storage of Litecoin include the following;

-Litecoin wallet

-Electrum for Litecoin

-Loaf wallet 

-Ledger Nanos

The future of Litecoin

BTC will always be the pioneer and most popular coin. However, that does not mean that there is no space for other cryptocurrencies to grow. Litecoin seems to be the most preferred option for experienced cryptocurrency investors being that it is one of the best and most secure coins. It has a lot of untapped potentials and the future seems bright for this coin. It also has a more sustainable future because its pricing is friendly for most of its users.
Lastly, it has a wide range of uses, high potential of wide adoption and so much scope for growth.

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Litecoin casinos

As we all know the online gambling environment is quite versatile. There are several ways to get in trouble if you take uninformed actions. The worst mistake a gambler can make is running into a casino that does not guarantee the security of their details, the safety of their money, or the fairness of their games, through provably fair games.
It is extremely important to ensure that the game you are playing provides fair turns and gives you a fair chance to win. Try to form the habit of checking to see what other players are saying about are saying about the platform in the review section. Also, look expert opinions to ensure that your venue of choice is safe and fair.
Some of the incredible Litecoin casinos available include; King Billy casino, 7Bit casino, King Bit casino, Crypto Games,, Primedice, Cryptoskull, DuckDice casino, Mars casino, and Bitcoin

Litecoin games

There are a lot of different Litecoin games you can play they include;

-provably fair Litecoin blackjack,

-provably fair Litecoin price

-provably fair Litecoin

-lottery game

-video poker games

-live dealer’s poker games

-real Litecoin poker between players

-Litecoin roulette

Litecoin betting

Some casino and sportsbook sites offering Litecoin betting include; mBit casino, 1xBit casino, and Betcoin casino. They have Litecoin Betting and Litecoin E-sport betting available.
There are several spots the choose from including; rugby league, cycling, handball, cricket, boxing, ice hockey, American football, tennis, basketball, soccer, volleyball, baseball, rugby union, and skiing.

Merits and demerits of gambling using Litecoin for gambling


Since it is cheaper to gamble using cryptocurrencies, casinos encourage their use by offering aggressive bonuses.

High-security level

Litecoin uses a decentralized system and its transactions are anonymous. There is very little chance of your details being compromised or your money being stolen.

High transaction speeds.

Litecoin withdrawals and transactions largely depend on the speed of the network. You can get your money within minutes or even days when the network is slow.

Low transaction fees.

Most sites charge less for Litecoin payouts as compared to a wire or check request.

Plenty of trading risks involved.

Cryptocurrencies are very volatile which gives traders a lot of stress, it’s good to always be on the lookout to avoid panic and surprises.

Most Litecoin sites lack proper licensing.

Cryptocurrency online gambling sites have a hard time being approved by the authority. Many of them, therefore, run without the proper license which is why it’s critical to read the reviews and recommendations before trusting a site with your cryptocurrencies.

Being forced to transfer to other currency forms.

Unfortunately, most gambling sites often require for users to transfer their funds to either traditional forms of currencies or bitcoin before you can gamble. Each of these transfers cost small amounts of transaction fees which may steal from your points. To avoid this ensure you go for a site that allows you to play in Litecoin.

The future of Litecoin Gambling Sites

Litecoin has been around for several years and has shown tremendous growth. Over the years it has gained a lot of trust as its developers kept making improvements on it based on the user’s demands. They have had several years to improve it where possible and modify it according to demand. This is why Litecoin gambling sites are here with us to stay. You can be sure that the above-named sites are only a small fraction of the many Litecoin supporting sites and this list is going to expand more in the coming days.

How to choose the right Litecoin casinos or sportsbook

Is your Litecoin casino reputable? It’s better to stick to established brands since they are usually safer. Therefore, user’s reviews are very important.

Deposits and withdrawals.
Does your casino of choice provide instant deposits and withdrawals? It is good to opt for a site that verifies and validates your transactions immediately.

Ensure that the bonuses are reasonable because gambling sites are competing for players. The wagering requirements also need to be reasonable.

Betting markets/ gaming suite.
The casino should offer a competitive selection of gambling products. The number of games supported should be descent. The software developers working with the site should be skilled and the betting suite should offer both in-play and pre-match.

Customer support.
The responsiveness of a gambling site to its players could either make it or break it. A decent platform should have a 24-hour live chat to guarantee the players that they are not alone especially when things go wrong.


Litecoin gambling is sure to give you that anonymous fast virtual experience you are looking for. However, do not be quick to trust just anyone with your cryptocurrency conduct enough research into your site of interest beforehand.

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