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Find out all important info about Monero, a cryptocurrency that allows high level of anonymity with ultimate casino list that accept XMR as payment method.

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What is Monero (XMR)?

Monero is a privacy-oriented, open-source cryptocurrency that was launched back in the year 2014. Like all the other cryptocurrencies, it is heavily built on the Blockchain technology which is a digital ledger that permanently stores records and details.
The XMR coin was specially designed to be opaque such that the transaction details remain anonymous. Unless you reveal it to someone else, details such as the amount of money transacted, the recipient’s identity, the sender’s identity, and even time of transaction remain disclosed.

How to get to Monero

You can either mine it or buy it on an exchange platform. Monero is listed on various exchanges such as Kraken and Poloniex among others. You simply purchase the amount you want and then store it in your digital wallet.

Mining Monero

Another outstanding feature of this coin is its mining process which is based on an egalitarian concept. Every miner is given equal opportunity to make money which makes sit fair. Also, it developers did not withhold any stoke for themselves like other coins, therefore you can be sure that the coin is not controlled by a few selfish individuals in the market. The miners are rewarded for their mining efforts.

You can either carry out the mining activities on your own or join a mining pool. The best part is that you can use a standard computer since it does not need any mining-specific hardware such as the ASICs. Monero is based on a proof-of-proof algorithm known as CryptoNight which makes the coin ASIC-resistant, all you need is basic information on to mine successfully. Not to mention it runs on all leading operating systems including FreeBSD, Linux, Android, and Windows.

Pros and cons of Monero


-The coins do not have a block size limit hence handling the issue of scalability

-Very fast transaction speeds, it takes about 2 minutes

-They give their users financial freedom

-A very high level of privacy which is implemented through the I2P (Invisible Internet Project)

-Monero has an incredible research team and quality contributors that are dedicated to its improvement and development.


-The coin’s official forum is not active

-It is commonly used by lawbreakers for illicit use and money laundering to evade law enforcement

-Lack of a standard voting system for the implementation of project changes. Although suggestions are posted on the platform the final decisions lie with the developers.

The future of Monero

Even today Monero continues to enjoy strong grassroots support and has been gaining substantial value since its genesis in 2014. Not to mention, the coin is supported by a whole host of crypto exchanges.

This could either change for the better or the worst, no one can say for sure. However, what we can say for sure is that being an improved version of Bitcoin, it takes care of the needs that Bitcoin doesn’t. It offers a high level of anonymity, is a great store of value, and is even resistant to hacking. It, therefore, doesn’t come as a surprise that the coin has stood the test of time. It has shown tremendous growth during the last couple of years and is likely to continue at the same pace for years to come.

It is considered as one of the most advanced anonymous digital currencies, therefore it definitely has a bright future lying ahead of it. It has been changing in the most incredible and positive ways and has evaded the political plight affecting Bitcoin. As long as this continues, the sky is the only limit for Monero.

Monero casinos

Recently, cryptocurrencies have been impacting the financial and economic landscapes greatly, gambling is yet another sphere that has felt the impact of this groundbreaking technology. Anonymous gambling makes the online crypto gambling a very marketable and largely adopted endeavor. 

Monero offers a level of privacy that is not offered by many cryptocurrencies in the market. Being a primary privacy coin, it is a prime candidate for the cryptocurrency of choice in the gambling industry. Most gamblers prefer gambling with Monero to Bitcoin because of its reputation for the following reasons. 

-It possesses great growth potential within the gambling industry and market at large.

-It has a very tight-knit community and strong following behind it

-It is widely regarded as the best privacy coin in the gambling space

Although currently, other cryptocurrencies are more popular with players, Monero gambling is growing at a pace that could outstrip many of its competitors in the blink of an eye. Monero transfers are always private and untraceable, unlike Bitcoin transfers which can be linked and traced back to an address. Review
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How safe is Monero

Gambling at a crypto casino is a lot safer than gambling at a fiat casino. Monero takes safety and privacy a little further since it is slightly advanced safety and privacy features. Your transactions are untraceable, hence making it a great option for any gambler that is concerned about his/her privacy.
It is cheap and fast to use and private, what you do with it is your business. No one can ever find out how much you won or lost unless you reveal it to them.

The best Monero casinos

Even though it is an up-and-coming cryptocurrency in the casino sphere, currently, Monero gambling options are quite limited. Several online casinos have been adding Monero as one of their preferred currencies. These brands have seen significant growth in online Monero gambling. Some of the best casino and sportsbooks that are currently offering Monero gambling include:

-Duck Dice
-Crypto slots

The fact that more brands are adding Monero gambling is moving the whole industry. If the demand keeps on increasing, we are likely to see more brands adding it to their gambling pool. Monero gives the players an added advantage, they can play completely anonymously. It has a very solid foundation which is also good news for users.

Monero games

Monero gambling still has a lot of ground to cover as far catching up with the other cryptocurrencies in the gambling sphere is concerned. Monero gambling sites fully realize that the coin will continue to grow at a great pace and the users are likely to multiply. They are doing everything in their power to attract more users by offering them a wide selection of provably fair games, good betting margins, and excellent customer service. They try to give quality gaming options


You will be able to enjoy a great line-up of slot games and dice games with low house edge and high promotions on the above-mentioned sites.

Live casino games

The player is able to interact with a live dealer. Your online trading experience is brought to a whole new level on sites like,, and they place you a few clicks away from sitting on a virtual table with a professionally trained dealer.
Some of the live games you can enjoy on these sites include Blackjack, Baccarat, roulette, casino hold’em and craps. Whether you want to micro bets or play for high stakes, players can be assured that they are being a fair shake in a secure environment.

Why Monero is good for gambling?

-High transaction speeds

-Low transaction costs