The following are basic popular Bitcoin and crypto questions and their answers. They will help you to learn and understand Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in just a few minutes.

What are cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are simply digital/electronic money that is issued and managed by the users. Some good examples include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Zcash, and Monero. Due to their anonymity, they are a popular choice for the black market and in countries like China where moving wealth out of the national economy into the global market is difficult.

How is the value of a cryptocurrency determined?

The price of cryptocurrencies is very volatile, it fluctuates dramatically on a daily basis and is determined by the demand and supply of a particular coin in the market.

Why should you get involved with digital currencies?

-It is faster
-There are fewer fees involved
-Financial freedom
-There are no third parties and interruptions
-Most are global
-Do not suffer inflation

Demerits of using cryptocurrencies

-Most transactions are irreversible, once you lose your PIN or money, it is irretrievable. Cryptocurrencies are very unforgiving.
-Prone to hacks, thefts, and frauds
-Anonymity makes tracking impossible
-Commonly used in black markets for illegal transactions and money laundering 
-Most people find them very confusing

What are the best cryptocurrencies to invest in?

Being that the price is quite volatile, answering that question becomes a bit of a challenge. The best cryptocurrency to invest in is one you have enough information about, holds great potential and you are willing to hold on to it even when its price goes down because you believe that it will rise again.

It is best advised to have a long term mentality and be ready for the good and bad times. Make a positive contribution to the community and the coin itself. It does not have to be Bitcoin, there are so many other options which you should ensure to explore such as:

When do I sell a cryptocurrency?

There are many factors to consider such as your original plan; how long did you intend to hold the coin for? Of course, you should ensure to sell your coin when the selling price is higher than the buying price to make profits. There are times you will end up selling your coin because you no longer feel excited about the coin or believe in it. Either way, when it is time to get rid of your coins, you will always know.

What is a crypto exchange?

A crypto exchange is an online platform that conducts the buying, selling, and exchange of cryptocurrencies.
What are some of the best exchanges right now?
Depending on your geographical location and coins of choice, here are some of the best crypto exchanges available:

When to invest?

Ensure that you invest consistently over time, this reduces the impact of volatile prices on your finances. For instance, you can buy once every month instead of buying all at once, because if the price goes down, you are sure to get a better deal next time.
It is also good to invest in several coins so that you can make profits from some of them even when the market is not doing well.

What is Blockchain?

A Blockchain is a digital ledger technology where cryptocurrency transactions are stored permanently.
In what year was Bitcoin created?

Are all cryptocurrencies scams?

The short answer for that would have to be no. While pumps and dumps, hacks, and even scams are a common reality, there are several legitimate cryptocurrencies out there. It is up to you to find the right one, conduct enough research, and ensure you trust your sources.

What is Bitcoin?

It is the first-ever created cryptocurrency, it came about in 2009 and is the brainchild of one Satoshi Nakamoto, who to this day remains a mystery. Being that it is not under any authoritative body, it is fully under the control of its users. There are a growing number of businesses and individuals using Bitcoin.

How does Bitcoin work?

Using a personal crypto wallet, you use Bitcoin just the same way you would fiat currency. You send, receive, make, and receive payments. it is really not that different from your traditional currency.

How does one acquire Bitcoin?

-As payment for good or services
-On a crypto exchange
-Exchange with an individual or broker

How does one conduct Bitcoin payments?

Bitcoin payments are easier to make than debit and credit payments. they are made from a wallet application, either on your computer or smartphone, by entering a recipient’s address, the payment amount, and then pressing send. You can even use a QR code which is a lot easier.

What are the advantages of Bitcoin?

-Payment freedom
-Choose your own fees
-Fewer risks for merchants
-Security and control
-Transparent and neutral

What are the disadvantages of Bitcoin?

-Degree of acceptance
-Ongoing development

Is Bitcoin anonymous?

Bitcoin is not fully anonymous but pseudonymous. What this means is that you enjoy a certain level of privacy but your transactions can be linked back to your computer’s IP address. However, your personal information is well protected.

Is Bitcoin legal?

To the best of our knowledge, Bitcoin has not been made illegal by legislation in most jurisdictions. However, there are jurisdictions such as Argentina and Russia that have restricted its use.

Is Bitcoin useful for illegal activities?

It has been popular in the dark web and black markets because of its anonymous nature, however, it is still useful for legal purposes.

What about Bitcoin and taxes?

Bitcoin is not a fiat currency with legal tender status in any jurisdiction, but often tax liability accrues regardless of the medium used. There is a wide variety of legislation in many different jurisdictions that could cause income, sales, payroll, capital gains, or some other form of tax liability to arise with Bitcoin.

Why do bitcoins have value?

Bitcoins have value because they are useful as a form of money.

What determines bitcoin’s price?

The price of a bitcoin is determined by supply and demand. When the demand for bitcoins increases, the price increases, and when demand falls, the price falls.

Is there a limit to the finite amount of bitcoins that can ever exist?

Bitcoin is unique in that only 21 million bitcoins will ever be created. However, this will never be a limitation because transactions can be denominated in smaller sub-units of a bitcoin.

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