Provably Fair Casinos

Find out details about provably fair gambling before you pick some of the best provably fair casinos online.

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Note that not every game from casinos listed above is provably fair. To be sure read our casino review before you deposit.

An online provably fair casino is any casino that gives you the ability to verify the fairness of your bets. In theory, such a casino wouldn’t cheat you since they will easily be caught. Smart contracts platforms such as Ethereum and NEO make it impossible for gaming sites to alter results. Not to mention, the games on these platforms are governed by programming code thus taking away the chance for a casino owner to change anything. A provably fair casino works to ensure transparency so that you can enjoy your gaming experience without worry.

Online casinos have revolutionized the gambling scene. Even though cheating cases have reduced significantly, there is still reason to approach gambling sites with caution. No matter how reputable the site is, there are always going to be some reservations on the part of the player concerning whether they are being cheated or not.

It is easy to say that online casinos are fair and should be trusted, but are they. And how do you validate whether a site is fair or not?  

In this digital age where players want fast withdrawals and prefer peer to peer transactions they must be able to trust their casinos of choice. Provably fair algorithms are helping casinos earn this trust.  Provably fair algorithms ensure the validity of each dice roll or turn of a card. Provably fair crypto casinos are the safest place to gamble online.  

Provably fair gambling

Who would not want to play at a fair, trustworthy online gambling site? Any gambler would know that fairness and trustworthiness come first when ranking a casino, a poker site or a sportsbook. 

 Let’s say you are playing on an online bitcoin casino. You have a series of great hands, but the dealer keeps winning. The site may be certified and all but that does not stop you from wondering whether the operator is cheating. Provably fair enables you to verify whether the game is fair or not. It would seem easy for any casino to rig the game and better their odds at winning without the players’ knowledge, it happened before.  Online gambling is growing steadily and the industry is worth billions of dollars. That is a lot of money at stake, which is why the players must verify the fairness themselves.  

The cryptocurrency gambling community has come a long way, and it seems as if every day something new comes up in that sphere. This community has come up with its way of proving whether the games are fair or not. The process does not require a third party and it makes the game transparent. It uses advanced cryptography to ensure that the game outcomes have not been tampered with. Using the provably fair method, you can verify the results for yourself in real-time.  

By using provably fair, you can verify that the cards, rolls, spins, etc.  have not been altered and that you have a fair chance at winning. This allows you to tell if the result of the game was not modified or tampered with in any way.  

But what exactly is provably fair gambling? How does it work? how do you find out it is provably fair? what are provably fair casinos? And lastly what I need to know about provably fair casino games?

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What Is Provably Fair Gambling?

Gambling with Provably Fair odds is a process whereby a player can verify that the outcomes of games have been fair in real-time. It makes use of three pieces of technology, namely random number generators, seed generators, and hashing.

Random Number Generators. They generate millions or sometimes billions of numbers per second to determine game outcomes. 

Seed Generators. They create the numbers which are fed into algorithms that in turn determine outcomes. In provably fair systems, the players add a seed number to ensure that the casino is not in control of the outcome. 

Hashing. This is the transformation of a long string of data into a shorter string. After a seed is hashed, it is encrypted. These cryptographic hashes are considered unbreakable; thus you can be sure that they have not been tampered with.

How Provably Fair Gambling Works

-Having the above information in mind, let us now understand how provably fair gambling systems work step by step.

The gambling site creates a seed number which is then hashed and sent to the player

-The player adds his or her seed

-The bet pays out, and the outcome is decided

-When the bet has played out, the player receives the seed used in the bet

-The player can then verify the bet. If any interference has occurred, the hash function would not be verified, and the player would know

provably fair casino games

Gambling problems that are not solved by provably fairness

Provably fair gambling works on the problem of trust. It eliminates the need for a third party to verify whether a game is fair or not. By providing a seed, the user ensures that the gambling site is not in full control of the game. The main problem that provable gambling solves is fairness and trust. Here is a list of problems it does not solve.

Withdrawal restrictions – sometimes the casinos make it difficult for you to cash your wins, provably fair gambling does not help in this case, 

Terrible odds – if you chose a game that has terrible odds you will lose; provably fair gambling cannot change the math of casino games. 

Stolen/sold details – if someone hacks the gambling site and steals your details, there is nothing provably fair gambling can do about it.

Picking a Provably Fair Gambling Site

There are so many provably fair gambling sites out there. So how do you decide the best pick? Remember, just because a site claims to be provably fair doesn’t mean it is, therefore the opinion of an expert is very important. Here are a few things to consider

-Does the site accept your preferred cryptocurrency? 

-Is the site 100%secure and safe?

-Does the site offer the services that you want? You need to research about these services prior and understand them. 

-Is the site truly transparent? 

-What unique features does the site offer? 

-Does the site offer any bonuses and promotions?

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Provably fair casino games

Of you are looking for a provably fair cryptocurrency game, there are plenty of options available. Every operator that uses this technology usually states it clearly o their website in a language that is simple for the user to understand. 

Most mainstream casino products benefit from provably fair technology, they include roulette and dice. The more complicated the game is, the harder the implementation of the provably fair becomes. Games like poker and blackjack have more cards to be generated thus making them complicated. In conclusion, any gambling games can potentially use the provably fair system, many operators are working on introducing more provably fair games for their casinos.

To better understand provably fair casino games, consider the following instance. We are going to apply the sequence of events to a game of digital blackjack and see how it would function in a real online casino.

-First and foremost, the casino would shuffle the deck, while providing the player with a hash of the shuffle outcome

-Secondly, the player would provide a seed, either by generating it manually or randomly.   This seed either changes one of the cards or any other factor of the game which neither party is aware of

-The third step entails dealing the card and you either win or lose

-The deck is laid out both as it was originally and as it was after the player provided his or her seed

-You can, therefore, verify whether the hand was fair on the spot

If all that checks out, then there was no funny business and you have just played a fair game. The same applies to games that require a random number such as roulette. This can all happen in the background without you realizing it, or you can use third-party online tools such as quickhash.  

Provably Fair Future

The future of this technology seems very bright. The Blockchain does not provide an exceptional platform for such a solution, thus making it possible for cryptocurrencies to improve and provide new opportunities for the developers. 

Since the players responded well to the existing provably fair solutions, we are bound to see even better software in the future. The approach will probably expand towards more complicated games and take over the whole online crypto gambling industry.

Could provably fair sites still rip you off?

A site with provably fair games could still take your funds. Or it could sell your IP address and login details to hackers. Today, this is more common than rigged games. Even though provably fair gambling clears much of the doubt, however, do not stop there. Secure your money by all means. 

I’d rather you bet with a known and trustworthy casino that does not provide provably fair games yet than an unknown and shady that does. I cannot stress enough, playing on a trustworthy casino goes a long way.