Adoptit Publishing

4.5 rating
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Company Profile

  • Industry: Gambling Facilities and Casinos
  • Company Size: 2-10 employees
  • Headquarters: Crosby, Isle of Man
  • Type: Privately Held
  • Founded: 2016


AdoptIt Publishing is a relatively small but ambitious player in the bustling online casino games industry. Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Crosby, Isle of Man, the company brings a boutique approach to game design and publishing. While it might not be a household name in the crowded field dominated by giants, AdoptIt Publishing has been steadily earning a reputation for its niche offerings and personalized touch.

Scale and Operations

With a company size of just 2-10 employees, AdoptIt Publishing can’t be expected to churn out games at the same rate as larger developers, but what it lacks in volume, it makes up for in focus and ingenuity. The Isle of Man location offers a strategic advantage due to the jurisdiction’s advanced gaming legislation and robust licensing framework.

Software and Technology

Given its small size, the company punches above its weight when it comes to software and technology. Its games are typically well-optimized for mobile and desktop platforms, although they don’t push the envelope in terms of graphics or gameplay mechanics.

Game Selection

One can expect a more tailored selection of games from AdoptIt Publishing. They usually focus on quality over quantity, often involving intricate storylines and engaging gameplay features. Their slots, table games, and other offerings may not be numerous, but they are well-crafted.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics and soundscapes in AdoptIt Publishing’s games tend to be functional rather than groundbreaking. Given the limited resources, the focus seems to be more on gameplay and mechanics. However, they manage to provide a pleasant and engaging atmosphere for the player, which is essential for retaining attention.

Fairness and Security

Despite its small scale, the company has made concerted efforts to offer games that are both fair and secure. The Isle of Man headquarters provides a certain level of credibility, as the jurisdiction is known for its stringent gaming regulations. However, additional certifications and audits would further bolster its reputation in this critical area.

Customer Support

Given the boutique nature of the company, customer support is limited but generally effective. They are more accessible via email, and while they may not offer 24/7 support, the responses are knowledgeable and personalized.


AdoptIt Publishing is a small-scale, privately held enterprise that brings a personalized touch to the vast world of online casino games. Though limited by size and resources, the company shows significant promise by focusing on quality over quantity and establishing a unique brand identity. They may not be industry leaders yet, but their tailored offerings and commitment to a secure and fair gaming experience make them a company to watch.

Rating: 3.7/5

For players looking to stray a bit from the beaten path and try something unique, AdoptIt Publishing’s small but engaging portfolio could be just the ticket. However, keep an eye out for the company’s future moves, as they have the potential to climb the industry ranks with continued focus and innovation.

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AdoptIt Publishing: A Hidden Gem in Online Casinos

In a world saturated with mainstream game developers and publishers, some might overlook the boutique providers that bring a unique flavor to online casinos. AdoptIt Publishing is one such provider, carving out a niche for itself since its inception in 2016. Headquartered in Crosby, Isle of Man, this privately held company employs between 2-10 people but packs quite the punch with its select yet engaging game titles.

From the musical spectacle of Mariachi Mayhem to the vibrant nature themes in The Elephant Gang, AdoptIt Publishing is gradually making a name for itself. This article takes a closer look at what sets this small-scale provider apart and delves into some of its most popular games.

Company Overview

With a focus on quality over quantity, AdoptIt Publishing has concentrated its efforts on creating games that resonate with players who appreciate something a little different. While they might not have the high-tech visuals of a NetEnt or the expansive catalogue of a Microgaming, their games provide a unique gaming experience that has been warmly received by a niche audience.

Spotlight on Key Games

Mariachi Mayhem

Mariachi Mayhem is an explosion of vibrant colors and exciting features, all set to the upbeat tunes of Mariachi music. The game is a feast for the eyes and the ears, transporting players straight to the lively streets of Mexico. Special features include re-spins, bonus rounds, and a captivating soundtrack that adds to the immersive experience.

Super Seven Wilds

For those who appreciate classic slot games but desire a modern twist, Super Seven Wilds delivers just that. AdoptIt Publishing has taken the traditional seven symbols we all recognize and love, and added wild features that kick up the excitement several notches. This game is perfect for purists who still enjoy a bit of modern-day flair in their gaming experience.

Hippie Chicks

Step into the time machine and journey back to the 1960s with Hippie Chicks. The game comes complete with peace signs, psychedelic colors, and even a Mercedes van as a symbol. But it’s not just the theme that keeps players engaged; the game also offers generous free spins and bonus rounds that will have you saying “peace and love” in no time.

The Elephant Gang

Venture into the African savannah with The Elephant Gang, a slot game that features a motley crew of elephant characters. The elephants serve as high-value symbols and are designed with intricate details that add depth to the game. Besides, the bonus features involve these characters in entertaining mini-games that enhance the overall gameplay.

Trip Trap Troll

If folklore and fairy tales are more your speed, Trip Trap Troll takes you into a whimsical world inhabited by trolls and goats. This game features a multi-level bonus round, where players can gather riches while attempting to avoid the cunning trolls. The storytelling element adds an extra layer of engagement, making it a standout title in AdoptIt Publishing’s lineup.

Fairness and Security

One of the key factors that contribute to AdoptIt Publishing’s credibility is its location in the Isle of Man, which is renowned for its stringent gaming regulations. The company takes fairness and security seriously, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for players.


AdoptIt Publishing may be a small fish in a big pond, but it’s a fish that’s swimming against the current, bringing fresh and unique games to an industry often focused on big hits and massive scalability. With offerings like Mariachi Mayhem, Super Seven Wilds, Hippie Chicks, The Elephant Gang, and Trip Trap Troll, this company is a testament to the innovation and diversity that still exists in the world of online casinos.

While they may not be the first choice for every player, those seeking something a little different would do well to check out AdoptIt Publishing’s portfolio. This under-the-radar provider is crafting something special, one uniquely engaging game at a time.